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I am newbie to ZWAMP server. I like to ask how to use ZWAMP server. I download and install the ZWAMP package, but i dont have idea how to use it.

I google it, but dont get any information, can someone help??

Thanks in advance.

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If you've got IIS or some other web server stuck on your machine you can change the Apache port to a different number which was stopping mine from working. Right click the system tray icon, then Configuration -> Apache Main.

Change the following lines to something like:

ServerName localhost:81
Listen 81

Then right click the system tray icon again and click 'Restart'.

You can now browse to http://localhost:81 and it should work. To edit the web files they're in:

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After almost 4 months Z-WAMP developers updates the pages and hekp support. Now it will info available on this


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