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I am trying to execute the python script for POS tagging through PHP. But its not returning the full output.

Python script:

import nltk
import sys

text = sys.argv[1]

tokenize_into_words = nltk.word_tokenize(text)

print text

result = nltk.pos_tag(tokenize_into_words)

print result

print "Done!"

PHP script

$cmd = 'python /Library/WebServer/Documents/varticle/ ' . $string2;

$tmp = exec($cmd,$output);



python /Library/WebServer/Documents/varticle/ Scientists

Observed Output:

Array ( [0] => Scientists )

Expected Ouput:

Array ( [0] => Scientists [1] => "[('Scientists', 'NNS')]" [2] => "Done!")

When I run the command manually it takens around 5-10 sec to run. [This may be due to the time required to do POS tagging or importing nltk.]

But when run through PHP it immediately returns and output from nltk.pos_tag or print statement after it is not returned.

Am I missing something?

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What's the value of $tmp and are you sure that $string2 is set to 'Scientists'? What happens if you print out something at the top of the python script? – Apr 15 '12 at 8:05 $tmp does not print anything. Anything at the top i.e before nltk.pos_tag is printed. – vaichidrewar Apr 15 '12 at 9:09
2>&1 needs to be added in the command to get the complete output. – vaichidrewar Apr 15 '12 at 10:02
are you running the php file at the command line or through a browser? also, did @vaicidrewar's advice help? – Apr 15 '12 at 14:27
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2>&1 needs to be added in the command to get the complete output. This solved my problem.

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Try using shell_exec – or, if you want to have more control, proc_open – instead of exec().

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I had tried shell_exec but it gives same result – vaichidrewar Apr 15 '12 at 18:45

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