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My application has an XML configuration file which users now edit in a text editor. I want to provide a (Swing) form for editing this configuration. I have a DTD for the XML, but the application does not accept all XML documents validated by the DTD i.e. the application imposes more restrictions than those in the DTD.

I was about to start hacking to see how to go about doing this, but I thought I'd ask around for approaches others have used. Are there libraries out there which generates an editor, given a DTD? Any tips, ideas etc?

PS: My question is similar to this question except that I need a Swing GUI.

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Do you mean something like felixgolubov.com/XMLEditor ? A swing component that is able to edit XML documents? –  Bruno Ranschaert Jun 20 '09 at 13:22
I don't know if I understand well, but try read about JAXB, maybe its useful. –  Tom Brito Mar 23 '10 at 17:29
any luck on finding such tool. If so can you please post it here. –  user610382 Feb 10 '11 at 4:41

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Other than your basic SAX or DOM type libraries, I don't think there is such a solution. It'll probably be a bit difficult to have a one size fits all solution based off of a DTD because the organization of data in XML doesn't necessarily correspond directly with the use or implementation of that data.

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