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Can somebody work on jaas login modules. I was going through docs & my understanding is there is ntlogin module, unix login module comes with sun-jdk.

I want to is these login module can 1. Authenticate with OS users 2. Provide groups of that user.

basically I want to authenticate with os. Input is username, password & group name. I want to know if username, password combination is right & user belong to that group.

I want to authenticate with windows & popular linux distros such as RHEL, Suse, CentOS.

I dont want to do LDAP authentication only os authentication.

For windows, there is waffle library available. But I am not able to authenticate when using 64bit machine. On 32bit it runs fine.

For linux, there is jpam, but it doesn't give group. It will just check username, password combinateion.

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As far as I remember JAAS is about Java code and vm related authorization: is current running code authorized to do something?

I think it's easier to use some os native wrapping scripts to authenticate user and then just extract user info in your Java code.

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