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I have a c code.I need to write a java code which i would then have to convert into a jar file and run from my c code.The purpose of the jar file would be to log into a remote machine and then navigate to a defined path and then list all the files in the specific directory in string format.That is i want to obtain something like String FileNames[] = {"File1","File2",...} so that then i can use the system call available for FTP log in and download to download all the files recursively.

So how do i do that.Any idea?

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Check out Apache commons-net, which contains FTP utilities.

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This is what you need, take a look at it:

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ArrayList<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();

public void recursive_file(String path) {
File theFolder = new File(path);
File temp;
String[] theFiles = path.list();

for (int i=0; i<theFiles.length; i++) {
    temp=new File(theFiles[i]);
    if (temp.isDirectory()) {
    else { list.add(theFiles[i]); 

Something like this? Not sure it's the most elegant solution. You might also need to append a "/" or "\" on your path String depending on how it's given to the method.

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