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Is it possible to remove all styling from Primefaces components? I mean, the component set is good but having to manually override every tiny bit of each component to make the component style fit the overall design of my application isn't good. I can't use hours on using Firebug to find which classes etc it uses and all that.

So is there no way to remove this and only use the components for their functionality and provide your own design instead of being forced to use the default....or one of the "themes"?

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Set primefaces.THEME context parameter to none and you'll get a functional ui with no color. You don't need to spent hours, styling of PrimeFaces is done via shared styles like ui-widget-header, ui-widget-content in short themeroller. I don't think JSF and theming can get any easier than PrimeFaces.

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mkyong.com/jsf2/primefaces/… –  Paulo Diogo Jun 21 '13 at 12:33

If you want to use the primefaces with your own css's wouldn't it be easier to create your own theme using the jQuery UI - ThemeRoller ?

Here's a link to how you create your own Theme for PrimeFaces

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+1 for how to video –  Fallup Apr 15 '12 at 10:05

Create own theme as @Daniel said. I just want to add :

For partial styling you don't have to firebug everything, primefaces user guide covers style classes for each element. It contains also other very useful info and tips (also part about skinning). So use it as your first source when you find yourself struggling with anything about primefaces.

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PrimeFaces inserts two CSS files by default, theme.css and primefaces.css. You can remove theme.css by putting the following to web.xml:


Then you can overwrite primefaces.css by creating an empty file in:

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