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I downloaded this src/preloader get compiled but cant compile src/qcombbdbg

maysam@ubuntu:~/Desktop/QDebugger/src/qcombbdbg$ make
arm-linux-gnueabi-ld -Bstatic -x -X -Map  -T devices/qcombbdbg-2.5.23Hd.script qcombbdbg.o rex.o interrupts.o mmu.o core.o trace.o relocator.o -o qcombbdbg.elf
arm-linux-gnueabi-ld: warning: section `.bss' type changed to PROGBITS
trace.o: In function `trace_vm_exec':
/home/maysam/Desktop/QDebugger/src/qcombbdbg/trace.c:840: undefined reference to `__gnu_thumb1_case_uqi'
relocator.o: In function `relocate_thumb_insn':
/home/maysam/Desktop/QDebugger/src/qcombbdbg/relocator.c:920: undefined reference to `__gnu_thumb1_case_uhi'
/home/maysam/Desktop/QDebugger/src/qcombbdbg/relocator.c:1336: undefined reference to `__gnu_thumb1_case_uqi'
make: *** [link] Error 1

What can I do to fix these errors?

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