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The user inputs a text, then I check whether that string can be divided by 8


If yes, I take the quotient.

int sk = text.length()/8;

And so I need to take each 8 symbols from that sentence and convert to a new different symbol. For example if the sentence is 1234567890123456 it has to be divided to 2 different symbols. 12345678 = A and 90123456 = B

To do that I know I should use for loop I've done this:

            sk = text.length()/8;
            for(int m=1;m<=sk;m++){
                //change the text

So, my question is, what to write down in that for loop in order to see the desired results?

-Thank you

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What do you mean? – RnD Apr 15 '12 at 9:51
What have you tried to do? Did you look into the std::string docs to find functions that could help you? What, specifically, are you not managing? – Mat Apr 15 '12 at 9:53
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You can use the replace method from std::string:

        sk = text.length()/8;
        for(int m=1;m<=sk;m++){
            text.replace(sk, sk+8, newString);

Of course there are some checks you'll need to perform.

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