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I want to make the ListPreference with key "map_mode" set the actual map mode in my MapActivity.java. So that when I click "Satellite" for instance in the Preferences screen, it changes on the Map.

I have a ListPreference setup like this settings.xml (preference.xml):

        android:title="Settings" >
        android:summary="Enable or Disable Map Settings"
        android:title="Enable Map Settings" />

        android:summary="Change the display of the map"
        android:title="Map Mode" />

The "map_mode" is reading array values from this arrays.xml:

<string-array name="mapMode">
    <item name="Map">Map</item>
    <item name="Satellite">Satellite</item>
    <item name="Traffic">Traffic</item>

<string-array name="mapModeValues">
    <item name="Map">Map</item>
    <item name="Satellite">Satellite</item>
    <item name="Traffic">Traffic</item>

Thank you.

This is PreferenceScreen. When user presses one of these options I want it to update the MapActivity.


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Have your MapActivity call registerOnSharedPreferenceChangeListener(), then process the SharedPreference change in your OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener.

Or, simply re-read and apply the preference in onResume(), since your PreferenceActivity and your MapActivity will not be on the screen at the same time.

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How would I put this in code? If you are free can you quickly upload an example? – Zukky Apr 15 '12 at 17:06
Btw cheers for the direction. – Zukky Apr 15 '12 at 17:08
I can't get this to work. Tried what you said. Extra pointers please mate. – Zukky Apr 15 '12 at 17:47
@Zukky: For somebody who cursed me (and the rest of SO) out in another edition of this question, you are very demanding. Perhaps if you behaved more civilly, you would have better results. That being said, here is a sample of reading preferences in onResume(): github.com/commonsguy/cw-android/tree/master/Prefs/Simple – CommonsWare Apr 15 '12 at 17:58
I didn't curse mate. I posted the other one at nearly exactly the same time as you made that comment. Didn't mean to offend. Checking it out right now – Zukky Apr 15 '12 at 18:11

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