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I am using pymongo

I have a mongo db in which all documents have a "timestamp" : "25-OCT-2011"

So a string is stored in the key timestamp in all documents.

I want to apply a python function as mentioned below on these string dates and convert them into a datetime object. What's the best way to do this in mongodb?

import datetime
def make_date(str_date):  
    return datetime.datetime.strptime(str_date, "%d-%b-%Y")
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To fit your needs:

import bson    

for document in list(database.collection.find({ })):
   converted_date = make_date(document['timestamp'])
         { "_id": bson.objectid.ObjectId(document['_id']) },
         { "converted": converted_date }

I use the ObjectId as a query to be sure that I update the document that I just got. I do that because I'm unsure whether timestamp collisions would lead to unwanted consequences.

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I need to save the changes in the mongodb too –  zubinmehta Apr 15 '12 at 11:12

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