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I am using the string.split("") of two lines and compare the strings for equality, and the problem is the resulting strings sometimes are with commas at the end and sometime are not, which gives a false negative.

String[] t1 = text.split(" ");
String[] t2 = str.split(" ");

for(int i=0;i<t1.length;i++)
    for(int j=0;j<t2.length;j++)
        if(t2[j].equals(t1[i]) || t2[j].equals(t1[i]+","))

How can I make the program ignores the comma if it appears?

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What is the programming language? I assume it is Java, make it explicit! –  Kjir Apr 15 '12 at 11:45

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use java.lang.String.replace() method to replace commas before you compare strings

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the problem solved: i used: String text1 = text.replace(',', ' '); –  Soyer Gougam MK Apr 15 '12 at 12:14
yes lol, i solved it right after posting, cheers mate.thanks –  Soyer Gougam MK Apr 15 '12 at 12:15

You can also use java.String.matches. There u can have regex inbetween

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