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I'm trying to improve a simple AS3 slingshot that is available at http://blog.shaperstudio.com/2010/10/as3-create-a-slingshot-with-an-elastic-effect/ so that i can make it more realistic.

I already changed it so that is possible to aim the ball in any direction, but now I'm trying to create a function that constraints the maximum pull of the slingshot to an elliptical area, preferably having the same two points of the slingshot as the ellipse two focus:

if ( mouseX > centerX + _maximumPULL.x) _mouse_x = centerX + _maximumPULL.x;                
            else if ( mouseX < centerX - _maximumPULL.x) _mouse_x = centerX - _maximumPULL.x;
            else _mouse_x = mouseX;

if ( mouseY > centerY + _maximumPULL.y) _mouse_y = centerY + _maximumPULL.y;                
            else if ( mouseY < centerY - _maximumPULL.y) _mouse_y = centerY - _maximumPULL.y;
            else _mouse_y = mouseY;

In which _maximumPULL is a point variable that return us how far we can pull the elastic, something like this?:

_maximumPULL = new Point(200 * Math.cos(degree * Math.PI / 180), 100 * Math.sin(degree * Math.PI / 180));

I've been messing around with code for too many hours now and I know this is just too much for someone like me that has no background in programing, but I just can't let it go, I'm hooked...

I've been trying to understand similar problems here: http://www.soundstep.com/blog/2011/04/08/knob-as3-drag-on-circle-or-ellipse/

and here: ActionScript 3 Trig Equations to create Ellipse

Can you help me out please?

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box2d.org –  Marty Apr 18 '12 at 3:08

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Might not be exactly what you're after but what about drawing the exact shape you want (be it in flash, or programatically using the graphics class) and then check for collision between the ball and the allowed area.

You can code that very simply by adding something like this inside your mouseMove event function:

if (theBall.hitTestObject( allowedRange )){
    //Put your code that figures out where the ball should be
}//otherwise, it won't alter the position of the ball :D
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