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The concept of message is normally associated with asynchronous call. Is it the case for Objective C ? ie when a caller sends a message to a callee to execute a method on it, does the caller continues immediately or is it blocked until the callee finishes executing the method requested ?

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It is definitely blocked. Because the messages are actually translated in plain C.

[myObj myMethod];


objc_msgSend(myObj, @selector(myMethod));

at run time.

However, some methods are implemented to be asynchronous. See -[NSTask launch], -[NSThread start], etc.

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+1, but for those asynchronous methods, the actual method is run synchronously. It's just that the work the method does is started & performed asynchronously. There's no way to make a message send asynchronous. –  wbyoung Apr 15 '12 at 14:01
Thanks then my next question stackoverflow.com/questions/10163489/… excluding specific methods you mentioned. –  user310291 Apr 15 '12 at 15:44

No, when you read "send a message" in objective-c you must think of it as calling a method. So, to send a message is to call a method, some are sync, some are async, you must check the docs to see that.

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