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I'm trying to write a linq query which populates a dataGridView:

dataGridViewNorthWind.DataSource = (from products in dc.Products where 
         products.ProductName.StartsWith("C") && products.ProductName.Contains('a') 
         select new { products.ProductName, products.Category });

but I'm getting an "Sequence operators not supported for type string" exception. What`s wrong here?

PS. Any tips on building better queries are welcome, it`s my very first contact with Linq :)

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What LINQ provider are you using? LINQ to SQL? LINQ to Entities? Something else? Also, is that the whole message? There seems to be something missing. – svick Apr 15 '12 at 12:37
Linq to SQL I think though to be honest Im not sure. Whats the exact difference between those two? – kyooryu Apr 15 '12 at 12:39
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I think the problem is you cant use the Contains method in the way you're hoping. But, you can try this, I changed the argument to the Contains method from a char to a string

dataGridViewNorthWind.DataSource = (from products in dc.Products where 
         products.ProductName.StartsWith("C") && products.ProductName.Contains("a") 
         select new { products.ProductName, products.Category });
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