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I have a model Category:

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :item_categories, :dependent => :destroy
  has_many :items, :through => :item_categories

and model Item:

class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :item_categories, :dependent => :destroy
  has_many :categories, :through => :item_categories, :uniq => true

I use this gem - https://github.com/stefankroes/ancestry

So, URLs on site can be:

/category-slug/ - "categories#show"
/category-slug/item-slug - "items#show"

how will look like routes for this urls? And is it possible?

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I suggest you make the problem like this:

/category1/ - "categories#show"
/category1/item - "items#show"

I would solve this by the following routes:

resources :categories do
  resources :categroies
  resources :items

This gives:

category_categroie GET /categories/:category_id/categroies/:id(.:format) {:action=>"show", :controller=>"categroies"}
     category_item GET /categories/:category_id/items/:id(.:format)      {:action=>"show", :controller=>"items"}
          category GET /categories/:id(.:format)                         {:action=>"show", :controller=>"categories"}

This solves the six problems as:


Maybe you can get your program to work with this solution.

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