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I want to add a MIME type to the newly created virtual directory, which is under 'Default Web Site'.

using (ServerManager manager = new ServerManager())
ServerManager manager = new ServerManager();
var vdir = manager.Sites["Default Web Site"].Applications["/"].VirtualDirectories["VDir"];

I haven't been able to find appropriate examples/documentation where I can do it for a virtual directory (and not for a website), without using DirectoryServices. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried it like this (slight modification of the example on IIS.NET):

using System;
using System.Text;
using Microsoft.Web.Administration;

internal static class Sample
   private static void Main()
      using (ServerManager serverManager = new ServerManager())
         Configuration vDirConfig = serverManager.GetWebConfiguration("Default Web Site", "/VDir");
         ConfigurationSection staticContentSection = vDirConfig.GetSection("system.webServer/staticContent");
         ConfigurationElementCollection staticContentCollection = staticContentSection.GetCollection();

         ConfigurationElement mimeMapElement = staticContentCollection.CreateElement("mimeMap");
         mimeMapElement["fileExtension"] = @"bla";
         mimeMapElement["mimeType"] = @"application/blabla";

         ConfigurationElement mimeMapElement1 = staticContentCollection.CreateElement("mimeMap");
         mimeMapElement1["fileExtension"] = @"tab";
         mimeMapElement1["mimeType"] = @"text/plain";

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