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I'm new in C#, could you help me to solve my problem? I'm trying to display the checkbox checked based on its value in the database.

I have two checkbox

  1. fullpayment
  2. EMI

when i retrieve data from database it's should automatically checked the checkbox.

if it is fullpayment then fullpayment checkbox should check, if EMI then emi checkbox should check.

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Depends If one of them must be checked The you add a boolean column, Bit type in say Sql Server call it say FullPayment So then you set the FullPayment Checkbox to that, and the EMI checkbox to !FullPayment

If say on a new record neither are checked User must pick one), then you could still use a FullPayment boolean and use it being null in the db to not set either.

If both can be the it's two booleans or my preferred solution for anything but scenario 1 Use an integer say PaymentState

0 = neither set
1 = Full Payment
2 = EMI
3 = Both

Then FullPaymentCheckbox.Checked = (PaymentState & 1) > 0; and EMICheckbox.Checked = (PaymentState & 2) > 0;

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