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I seem to have an impedance mismatch between Eclipse, R, RJ and StatET. I am using:

  • A vanilla Eclipse 3.7 classic (Indigo)
  • R 2.15.0

both on a Windows 7, 32 bit machine and I want to use StatET. In order to do this I installed:

  • RJ 1.0.3-7 (but for R 2.14.0)
  • RJ.gd 1.0.3-3 (but for R 2.14.0)
  • StatET 2.0

StatET does not seem to have an RJ release for R-2.15.0 yet, so I used the one for R-2.14, but it does not work for me. I get an error ("R ddl version does not match: DLL: 2.15.0 JRI:2.14.1") Should I downgrade my R version, or is there a newer StatET + RJ version I am unaware of?

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I couldn't find a newer version of RJ. You can keep the newer version of R on your machine and set up Eclipse to launch the older console - in Console Run Configurations, that way you can switch when the RJ version is (hopefully) updated - without too much trouble. –  rosser Apr 17 '12 at 12:55

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The testing version of StatET 3.0 with RJ 1.1 currently works with R 2.15.

Binaries of RJ 1.1 were recently made available and can be installed with:

install.packages(c("rj", "rj.gd"), repos="http://download.walware.de/rj-1.1")

Alternatively, binaries or source code of RJ can be downloaded from:


The update site for StatET 3.0 is:




depending on your version of Eclipse. More details on StatET 3.0 are available in these two threads:



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