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I need to configure an "Accton MR3201A" access point running OpenWrt.

I want it to provide an open WiFi with an HTTP authentication webpage on which users must provide a username & password before being able to access the internet.

Is there an existing package ( that allows this ?

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This may be a little bit of an old post, but figured it might be helpful for anyone else searching:

There are a few captive portal solutions out there and the best solution depends on your flexibility, customization, and technology requirements.

Captive Portal Solutions:

  1. Chillispot: Layer 2 solution using a radius database for the backend user management and tracking. WARNING: This project may be dead. There hasn't really been much work on this project for years. Which leads to the next project.
  2. CoovaChilli: Built on top of Chillispot with several improvements and additions. Includes WISPr support, and much more. Main captive portal solution used in CoovaAP mentioned by jhonkola.
  3. PepperSpot: Another Chillispot fork. Support for IPv6 protocol, Wireless Protected Access (WPA). Also radius server backend.
  4. NoCat: A series of projects to create a captive portal like solution offering simple setup and free public internet.
  5. WiFiDog: Originally forked from NoCatSplash and NoCatAuth, Wifidog offers a simple package and none uci based configuration file. Users can be managed and controlled through the gateway and hooked into any custom user management. This solution creates a custom central user management system. You can build your own login page and user management system or use their own portal system.
  6. NoDogSplah: Another alternative from NoCat which aims to offer captive portal solutions local to the router/gateway and a simplistic setup, user bandwidth control and basic auth/splash page.

I personally use a highly customized wifidog package and authserver which has been revamped from the ground up for our company. We were able to add per user and pooling bandwidth controls, custom user accounting data, WISPr support (patch from guys over at Coova, they do not host this patch anymore). And we're currently working on hooking squid support. We went with Wifidog as it was much easier to customize and ran at layer3 using iptables as opposed to chillispots layer2 solutions. But the best solution depends on the amount of time, effort and flexibility you would like.


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There is CoovaAP which is available for OpenWRT/ar71xx at

It works, but the documentation on how to set it up is sparse at times. The documentation at is for somewhat older versions, so prepare for some experimentation in setting that up.

There are also other alternatives, but I do not have experience with them.

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