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I am trying to optimize inventory decisions on N time steps.

At each time steps I can buy product with a moving price on market and put it in my inventory or directly answer to my demand. And at each time step I can withdraw from my stock to answer my demand or withdraw to sell at the spot price on market. At each time step my demand must be supplied.

My objective function is to minimize the total cost to supply my demand. At each time step, the cost of withdrawing from my inventory depends of all my prior decisions (which induce non linearity, at least it seems to me).

I am currently working with a R interface, but I am really open to all other (free/open-source) solutions.

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perhaps search under "stochastic dynamic programming"? –  Ben Bolker Apr 15 '12 at 15:40

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You could also try the BB package. It implements Newton-Raphson and IIRC a couple other back-solving methods.

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You might want to look at the FSelector package.

It has a bunch of frameworks to optimize and do variable selection including greedy forward and backward searches and a hill climbing algo.

It allows you to write your own function to describe what you want optimized and how to handle it.

FSelector Package

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