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I’m using jidesoft.grid.DefaultGroupTableModel class wrapping swing.table.DefaultTableModel .

Problem is When I’m trying to remove a grouped row (DefaultGroupRow ) using the method jidesoft.grid.DefaultGroupTableModel.removeRow(row index) ,

The Row is removed visually only , and still exists in the swing.table.DefaultTableModel.

When i preform the groupAndRefresh method, the deleted row is re-created in the front end.

How can I remove the grouped table row that will be removed from the swing DefaultTableModel.

Thanks in advance.

Uri W.

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GroupTableModel is just a grouped view into the original table model which in your case a DefaultTableModel. GroupTableModel will never modify the original table model. If you would like to remove the row from the DefaultTableModel, you will have to use DefaultTableModel#removeRow method.

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