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I'd like to know which up-and-crop tool you suggest to me. I tried couple of scripts like JCrop but I always get stack with some type of extensions like bmp. I either can't upload or I upload but can't crop. If you used (or know) one that workes well for you with different formats, please just give me its name and I'll be strongly appreciated!

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Well, i dont know much about JCrop but you can build it up with several tools. I think image processing kind of works should be done on server side. There is a good OOP Library called Imagine. It's mostly based on Python's Imaging Library which is awesome and has decent documentation. And this is its crop functions documentation.

On client side you can use some kind of image area selection tool to let the user determine desired area to crop. imgAreaSelect is good to go. Then you can send crop area to php by JQuery's post function or any other way.

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Ok thanks. I think the best way is to build and personalize it by myself. Thanks dear for the tools. –  Nadjib Mami Apr 15 '12 at 16:23
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