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I am using python2.7 and lxml to fetch a page. I keep getting the below errors.

(<type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>, UnicodeEncodeError('ascii', u'Approximate Dimensions: 4\xbd" x 4" x 7" (assembled)', 25, 26, 'ordinal not in range(128)'), <traceback object at 0x7f9198ac48c0>)

I have tried the following:

doc = lxml.html.document_fromstring(html)
for el in doc.iter('h2'):
    el.text_content().encode('ascii', 'ignore')

How to I resolve these errors? I need to be able to 1) Save to a text file then 2) upload the text file to MySQL.


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it is unicode, and you want to store it (as text) to utf-8.

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hmmmm...tried....still the same results –  Tampa Apr 15 '12 at 19:21
Then you'll have to give more context, i.e. a traceback and the code it refers to, and the encoding you've set for your database/table/column. –  thebjorn Apr 15 '12 at 21:17

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