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I am running windows 7, and am trying to configure android to work in titanium...

I have installed both 32 and 64 bit versions of Java... (android didn't seem to work with the 64 bit version)...

When you go to configure android from within titanium I am getting the following error...

Items required: •Add-Ons Google APIs 7, Google APIs 8

When you then click install or update Android, Android SDK manager opens and selects what I need to install... I click accept and it downloads and installs...

However once that completes, I still have the same error when going back to titanium... It should not be this hard... Any ideas?

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I've had issues with the 64bit version. Have you tried uninstalling the 64bit versions of Java?

Also, have you run Android to update all the libraires?

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I know it's an old question but in case anyone googles it like I have, this is what helped me:

  • make sure to install Google APIs at least for the latest Android SDK that you have installed
  • make sure to have Android 2.3.x installed. This is critical, Titanium Studio somehow couldn't link to my Android SDK (set outside titanium folder) even though I had half a dozen higher than 2.3 SDKs installed
  • restart Titanium Studio

Further more, in case this doesn't help, try clean-starting Titanium Studio, like so:

  • close Titanium Studio
  • go to your Titanium Studio installation folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Titanium Studio")
  • open TitaniumStudio.ini
  • copy these two lines at the beginning of the file:
  • save file and start Titanium Studio.

After succesfull operation you can remove those two lines from .ini file as they are not needed.

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