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Have anyone come across open source tools/framework for Webkit browser test automation?

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I haven't seen a framework to run the tests but if you're looking for input to test against there is Ian Hickson's adhoc and evil test suites in addition to the traditional acid tests.

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There is (not tried) WebAii Automation Framework where the current Beta has Safari 3 support added on windows (it's free but I don't think it's opensource).

If you want do it yourself:

On Apple you should be able to script it AppleScript or from

MAC OS X > 10.4: there is Automator

On Windows you might consider using P/Invoke and looking at the WinLauncher tool from WebKitTools

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Which WebKit? Selenium seems to have drivers for several WebKit-based browsers.

WebKit itself has a test suite, to be implemented by each platform, which the WebKit documentation calls DRT or DumpRenderTree (see also LayoutTestController).

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