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I'm having a great time learning to use knockoutjs on a new project I am working on. It is truly an amazing framework, and at least for me it's really a great help both practically and as a mental crutch for leading me in designing my application well.

However, as a new disciple I sometime find I don't know how to do stuff, and hence my following question [see fiddle for illustration]

I set up a value bind to an input of type number, and want the bound observable to immediately reflect changes to the value of the field. to do that I set the afterkeydown valueUpdate binding. This works well for changing the number input using the arrow up and arrow down keys. However, if I change the number using the browser-generated (tested in chrome) increment/decrement control the change is only reflected upon changing focus to a different element. I assume this reflects the default update upon change event.

My question is whether there is any way to set the update to occur for both changes using the up don keyboard errors and browser-generated up/down error controls?

Thanks in advance for anyone taking time to help me with this!

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The valueUpdate additional binding can take an array of events. It looks like the oninput event is fired when clicking on the up/down arrows.

So, you can bind it like:

<input type="number" data-bind="value: y, valueUpdate: ['afterkeydown', 'input']"/>

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Excellent, it works like a charm. Thanks! – odedbd May 2 '12 at 13:59
Using this in my MVVM DotNetNuke module I get tiny (!) spinner-up and spinner-down buttons. They are so small it´s almost impossible to use them. I recon it´s a CSS-thing, but haven´t been able to figure it out. If I instead of the <input type="number" data-bind="value: y, valueUpdate:…"> go with <input data-bind="spinner: y, valueUpdate:…"> every thing looks nice, but the valueUpdate does´t work… Things that make you go hmm... – Asle G Oct 30 '14 at 10:15

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