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How to check if some class implements interface? When having:

Character.Gorgon gor = new Character.Gorgon();

how to check if gor implements Monster interface?

public interface Monster {

    public int getLevel();

    public int level = 1;

public class Character {
    public static class Gorgon extends Character implements Monster {
        public int level;
        public int getLevel() { return level; }

        public Gorgon() {
            type = "Gorgon";

Is the method getLevel() overridden in Gorgon correctly, so it can return level of new gor created?

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I think you Need the instanceof keyword. –  Martin Röbert Apr 15 '12 at 20:43

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For an instance

Character.Gorgon gor = new Character.Gorgon();

Then do

gor instanceof Monster

For a Class instance do

Class<?> clazz = Character.Gorgon.class;
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How about method parameter public void doSomething([Object implements Serializable] param)? What's the right syntax for that? –  Tomáš Zato Mar 26 at 0:35


if (gor instanceof Monster) {
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