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I currently have a problem with PhpMyAdmin, I am using EasyPHP and everytime I try to access PhpMyAdmin, it gives me this error:

MySQL said: Documentation
#2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured) 

I've tried reinstalling EasyPHP about 5 times, rebooting the machine multiple times, playing around the config files, nothing works. Does anyone have any advice before I format my HDD to solve this problem? I'm currently running Windows 7 x64.

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I guess you have already resolved the issue (or not?) but as I see it is a common problem I will post how I came up with a solution. What I did, after playing around with the error for a whole day or so, I downloaded the new version of MySQL through the wamp website (Download MySQL Addons at the bottom) After installing it, I clicked on the Wamp Tray Icon. Clicked on MySQL --> Version --> And chose the new version. It restarted by itself and it worked like a charm! Hope that will help some people :)

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