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I found something interesting called forms-mode in Emacs, I just can't figure out how or what its purpose is. Is it used by any major mode in Emacs?

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Forms: (forms). Emacs package for editing data bases by filling in forms.

Forms mode is an Emacs major mode for working with simple textual data bases in a forms-oriented manner. In Forms mode, the information in these files is presented in an Emacs window in a user-defined format, one record at a time. The user can view records or modify their contents.

Forms mode is not a simple major mode, but requires two files to do its job: a control file and a data file. The data file holds the actual data to be presented. The control file describes how to present it.

For full documentation, start here:
M-: (info "(forms) Top") RET
(or C-hidm Forms RET)

Also see the commentary at:
M-x find-library RET forms RET

And there's an example form provided in the same directory, so from the library you can do this to see it in action:

  • C-xC-f forms-d2.el RET
  • M-x forms-mode RET
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