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I would like to include the name of the day in my query in ms access? I know how to do it from the query designer in the format field as 'dddd', but want to rather add it in the sql editor as part of my statement.

Its part of a select, from, where, group by, order by statement where the date is specified in the where clause but i want it to display as the name of the day ie Tuesday in another column.


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Format works for queries, too:

SELECT ADate, Format([ADate],"dddd") AS ADay
FROM Table1;
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Thanks so much!!!!, have been struggling with this for days. – Chris2O Apr 15 '12 at 22:30

Here is a select statement that returns you the day name from the date time

SELECT datename(dw,GETDATE()) AS 'Day Name' 

This gives me the current day name.

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