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Can I use something like winston npm in the underlying .meteor/local/build/server/node_modules?

or even node-loggly

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The good old Observatory has been revamped and works with Meteor 0.9+ now. Details, usage, demo app via

See also pince, a lightweight logger for Node and Meteor (client/server).

Another interesting logging package is trail, which has configurable transports (console, MongoDB, custom), and can centralize logs from the server and multiple clients, and display them in an admin interface, trail-monitor.

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I wouldn't recommend observatory anymore. It seems to be broken with the new (Meteor 0.8) blaze rendering engine. – Marcus Riemer Apr 1 '14 at 13:14
@MarcusRiemer: Observatory is back! – Dan Dascalescu Mar 4 at 21:24
Doesn't appear to be back. I went to the and eventually left the site in confusion. You can sign up for the beta, but you get no reply. You can install it further down, but then it says 'Then sign in to your Observatory account' - which I couldn't work out how to do, so for the moment Observatory seems to be out. – mwarren Mar 15 at 10:52

You can use winston (nodejs logging module) with meteor. And it does support several transports including, loggly, mongo and so many others.

See my article on how to integrate it

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Nice article @arunoda, works nicely. I couldn't get winston to pick up unhandled errors though - is that something you can provide any tips on? – Jonathan Moffatt Mar 16 '14 at 10:55

There is a package called logging however in the comments it mentions it is just temporary. It exposes a method called Meteor._debug which basically uses console.log which works both serverside and also client side. So it might work better to use that for now.

You could however use some other logging plugin if you like, either put it in a package or use the npm's or include the javascript in your template for logging.

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