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I have the following model field validation:

validates_uniqueness_of :acronym, :scope => [:group_id], :case_sensitive => false

The problem is that this field is optional, and a empty/nil value is returning as being an acronym already taken. I only want to validate that an acronym is unique if a value was provided.. Is there a way to update this validation to only take place if there is an actual value.. not nil/empty?


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Yes, there are two possible options that you can pass to validations for optional fields: :allow_blank or :allow_nil, which will skip the validations on blank and nil fields, respectively. If you change your validation to the following, you should get the behaviour you want:

validates_uniqueness_of :acronym, :allow_blank => true, :scope => [:group_id], :case_sensitive => false
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Thanks a lot! My code got a lot more comprehensive. Other answers suggested using :unless or :if, but I think this is the best way. Any issue in letting :group_id out of the array? –  Mauricio Moraes Apr 2 '14 at 20:08
The spec for this is it { is_expected.to validate_uniqueness_of(:acronym).scoped_to(:group_id).case_insensitive.allow_bla‌​nk } –  Robin Daugherty Feb 18 at 16:20

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