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I am building a page that inserts meetings into a database, based on times entered. I need to look the creation on new lines from the start time, to the end time with a prescribed period length.


start_time : 07:00:00 end_time : 08:00:00 length : 00:10:00

I would need 6 meetings. Something along the lines of:

$start_time = '07:00:00';
$end_time = '08:00:00';
$each_meeting_length = '00:10:00';

$diff = timediff($start_time, $end_time)

while (diff >= $each_meeting_length) {
    //do stuff

Anyone able to help me out?

Many thanks!

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StackOverflow is usually about questions related to programming, not questions asking for programming. There's a fine distinction, but a question like "I tried X, and got error Y, what am I doing wrong?" is okay, while a question like "I want code that does X. What do I write to make it do that?" usually isn't. You may get an answer anyhow, but I'm just trying to help by pointing out that you may have better luck attempting to write the code (or think hard about what needs to be written and then explain your understanding) first. –  Borealid Apr 16 '12 at 0:28
Done and I worked it out. Thanks for the help. –  Andy Capewell Apr 16 '12 at 18:42

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