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I'm trying to combine JQuery Mobile with Windows Live Connect.

If I trigger my init code with $().ready(function() { ... }); and look at it with a browser then it works.

If I try to use the debugger then Visual Studio gets caught in a circular dependency, endlessly loading the script for my page and the Live Connect logon page until finally it barfs.

enter image description here

If I trigger the init code from $('#divname').live('pagebeforecreate', function (event) { ... }); then the debugger is ok but the page doesn't work.

Can anyone offer guidance on combining JQM with WLC? A working sample page with a login button, that responds to login by dynamically adding some items to a listview, would have me over the moon - so far this is all I am trying to achieve.

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Could you post your initialization code? I'm wondering if you are running into some type of race condition. –  Jasper Apr 24 '12 at 23:00
I've got it to work just this minute. Unfortunately there's not much between my three attempts, and I don't much like mysteries. If I figure out what was going on I'll post details. This javascript stuff seems a bit fragile. –  Peter Wone Apr 27 '12 at 14:23

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After many attempts to set this up I finally have a project that works, but I'm still trying to work out what made the difference. Without doubt it is some sublety of initialisation sequence. When I find out exactly what, I will update this answer with details and an annotated sample.

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