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DB: Sql Server 2008.

I have a really (fake) groovy query like this:-

SELECT CarId, NumberPlate
    (SELECT Owner
     FROM Owners b
     WHERE b.CarId = a.CarId) AS Owners
FROM Cars a
ORDER BY NumberPlate

And this is what I'm trying to get...

=> 1    ABC123     John, Jill, Jane
=> 2    XYZ123     Fred
=> 3    SOHOT      Jon Skeet, ScottGu

So, i tried using

AS [Text()] ... FOR XML PATH('') but that was inlcuding weird encoded characters (eg. carriage return). ... so i'm not 100% happy with that.

I also tried to see if there's a COALESCE solution, but all my attempts failed.

So - any suggestions?

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Try the solution to this question:


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hmm. I was hoping to avoid using a UDF.... – Pure.Krome Jun 19 '09 at 7:48
Ha -> that post was also using cars as an example :) I ended up creating a temp UDF, run my code, drop udf. Works great :) This is for an import process .. hence the create/drop of the udf. cheers :) – Pure.Krome Jun 19 '09 at 8:01

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