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I made this code

@echo off & SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
title TXTanimation
set dir101=C:\USers\Jake\Desktop\file.bat
goto jakeinc
echo Lets make a text animation
set /p dir101=where will the .bat be saved:
echo @ECHO OFF > %dir101%
echo: >> %dir101%
echo 0=Edit important information
echo 1=Display .txt
echo 2=Play sound
echo 3=Close sound player
echo 4=Add nessicary wait between .txt
echo 5=Label point
echo 6=Edit variable
    echo 7=Goto point
echo 8=Create IF sentence
echo 9=End it
    echo Add - to the front to view it's guide!    
    Set /p choose=which one:

If '%choose%'=='0' (
SEt /p title=What is the title
set /p color=what color do you want type test to experiment with the colors
If '!color!'=='test' goto tester
goto model
SEt /p test=Please give hexadecimal number type exit to leave:
if '!test!'=='exit' goto LOL101
color !test!
goto tester
echo title %title% >> %dir101%
echo color %color% >> %dir101%
goto menu

If '%choose%'=='-0' (
echo The title is on the top of the screen. The color of the text and backround is a hexadecimal number its 

01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,0A,0B,0C,0D,0E,0F,10,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,1A,1B,1C,1D,1E,1F,20,21,23,24,25...FB,FC,FD,FE. There really are 

values with the same character but those are not valid colors in batch.
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='1' (
set /p dir=what is the dir of your .txt:
echo cls >> %dir101%
echo type %dir% >> %dir101%
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-1' (
echo These pictures are what will be shown in the animation.
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='2' (
SEt /p dirx=What is the directory of the music file:
echo start !dirx! >> %dir101%
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-2' (
    echo Windows will open these sound files but may not automatically play them. If they are automatically played they should be opened one 

nessicary wait before wanted time.
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='3' (
echo taskkill /PID wmplayer.exe >> %dir101%
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-3' (
echo This closes the sound window when you play a sound. It should be played after a couple nessicary waits or when the sound is finished.
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='4' (
SEt /p thyme=How much milliseconds 250 is usual:
echo ping -n 1 -w !thyme! ^>NUL >>%dir101%
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-4' (
echo These waits are extremely important and should be used almost after every .txt.
goto menu
    If '%choose%'=='5' (
SEt /p point=what do you want the point to be labeled as:
echo :!point! >> %dir101%
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-5' (
echo You use this to label points where your animation can go back to.
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='6' (
SEt /p answ=Is this a math variable y/n
If !answ!==y goto yes
If !answ!==n goto no
goto Y
SEt /p name=variable name
set /p form=variable formula
echo Set /a !name!=!form! >> %dir101%
goto T
SEt /p name=variable name
set /p form=variable value
echo Set !name!=!form! >> %dir101%
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-6' (
echo Variables can be used to count the number of times something has shown so you. If you put %variable name% it will use the value of that 

goto menu
If '%choose%'=='7' (
SEt /p point=What point do you want to go to:
echo goto !point! >> %dir101%
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-7' (
echo This is used to go back to points. THis is where you make infinite loops.
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='8' (
set /p var=which variable do you want to use
set /p string=What value should be questioned
SET /p poin=What is the name of the point
echo If '%!var!%'=='!string!' goto !poin! >> %dir101%
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-8' (
echo IF sentences are usually used to do a command after a variable is a certain number.
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='-9' (
echo This is to close the batch.
goto menu
If '%choose%'=='9' (
echo Thanks for making
exit /b

Now you probaly see the %!var!% yeh that needs to be %variablename% any idea? I need to explain more so the rest of the batch is done gonna ship it off after this error is fixed! Well before that I still need to go erase that part where It answers its own question at teh beginning!

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Is there a question here somewhere? – Ken White Apr 16 '12 at 1:06

You need to learn how to distill your code down to the minimal code needed to pose your question, and then ask a specific question.

That being said, I think I understand your problem.

I believe you are dynamically building a batch script, and you want your code to look like

echo If '%someVar%'=='someString' goto someLabel

All you need to do to get your percents in the output is double them up

echo If '%%!var!%%'=='!string!' goto !poin! >> %dir101%
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Just %%variable%% it is really simple

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