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Maybe seems little bit strange but I need e-commerce/web shop/cart system for just one product.

This features I'm expecting from the system:

  • Product Options (color, size, weight)
  • Discount
  • Tier price
  • Pages (WYSIWYG editor), mod_rewrite seo url's
  • User login and registration
  • User order overview (order id: status)
  • Shipping option
  • Basic Administration

As far I know: PayPal express checkout is too simple, Magento is overkill.

Is there any Open source, php/mysql based "in the middle" solution that can be very easily customizable?

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For a single page shop, any of the above carts are just overkill. I suggest using "ecwid". The free version is quite good and if you ever need to expand you have the option.

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OSCommerce is a good open source PHP based solution that is relatively trivial to setup.


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And there is also OpenCart which may be another option.


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