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I have moved the home directory of a site to a subdirectory, so that the sub is now the root.

I still have links in the world pointing to the subdirectory though, so I'd like to do a redirect while grabbing any and all query string parameters.

The news blog used to be at "/news/", but now the blog is the home directory.

For example, I want to redirect


The problem is that there are many query strings, and I want to grab them all.

I can't do: ($_GET["p"])

because there might also be:


I don't think I can use htaccess either because I am still using the news directory in the new application. So the rewrite rules would be very complicated.

I was thinking maybe I could create an index.php in the news directory and do a parse_url or $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; and do a split on example.com/news/ but I don't know how.


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Get the URI of hte page


output should be news/?p=1023

Explode the results

explode("/", $request_url, 2);

get the components after /news/ and then redirect

$link = $request_url[2]; //the second piece of the explode
header( 'Location: http://www.example.com/$link' ) ;
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Thanks. I got it working. I had to set the $request_url = explode('/',$request_url); –  User970008 Apr 16 '12 at 2:57

You're looking for the front controller pattern. Google has loads of examples, including this one. Hope this helps!

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