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I'm probably being incredibly stupid here but I'm having trouble doing some basicaly Mat multiplication using OpenCV for Android.

I have two Mat's both of the same type, CV_64F

mat1 has size: 3 rows, 3 cols
mat2 has size: 3 rows, 1 cols

I want to multiply them to give the product mat3 of size 3 rows, 1 cols.

I've tried using:

Mat mat3 = new Mat(3, 1, CvType.CV_64F);
Core.multiply(mat1, mat2, mat3);

But I get an error:

CvException [org.opencv.core.CvException:/home/andreyk/OpenCV2/trunk/opencv_2.3.1.b2/modules/core/src/arithm.cpp:1253: error: (-209) The operation is neither 'array op array' (where arrays have the same size and the same number of channels), nor 'array op scalar', nor 'scalar op array' in function void cv::arithm_op(const cv::_InputArray&, const cv::_InputArray&, const cv::_OutputArray&, const cv::_InputArray&, int, void (*)(const uchar, size_t, const uchar*, size_t, uchar*, size_t, cv::Size, void*), bool, void*)

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help in advance.

If it helps, the 3x3 matrix mat2 is the result of Imgproc.getPerspectiveTransform and the rest of the code is as follows:

Mat mat1 = new Mat(3, 1, CvType.CV_64F);
mat1.put(0, 0, 2.0);
mat1.put(1, 0, 0.5);
mat1.put(2, 0, 1.0);

Mat mat3 = new Mat(3, 1, CvType.CV_64F);
Core.multiply(mat2, mat1, mat3);
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You are basicly trying to perform the following operation now:

[ 0 ]   [ 0 1 2 ]
[ 1 ] * [ 3 4 5 ]
[ 2 ]   [ 6 7 8 ]

In here * is multiplication. A matrix multiplication cannot be done this way. Read on matrix multiplications here.

The operation you would like to perform is :

            [ 0 1 2 ]
[ 0 1 2 ] * [ 3 4 5 ]
            [ 6 7 8 ]

To get your code working make the following changes:

Mat mat1 = new Mat(1, 3, CvType.CV_64F); // A matrix with 1 row and 3 columns
mat1.put(0, 0, 2.0); // Set row 1 , column 1
mat1.put(0, 1, 0.5); // Set row 1 , column 2
mat1.put(0, 2, 1.0); // Set row 1 , column 3


Also, you're using the method Core.multiply. In the documentation of OpenCv it mentions: The function multiply calculates the per-element product of two matrices. If you are looking for a matrix product, not per-element product, see Core.gemm().

The function gemm(src1, src2, alpha, src3, beta, dest, flags) performs the multiplication according to the following function:

dest = alpha * src1 * src2 + beta * src3

Basic matrix multiplcation (in your case) is done by:

Core.gemm(mat2, mat1, 1, NULL, 0, mat3, 0);
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I got the matrices the wrong way round to begin with, as DarkRift pointed out. However, I need to multiply with the 3x3 matrix on the left, which I would expect to work as in your first example above, but with the matrices the other way around, as shown in the Edit? Cheers. –  woodstock365 Apr 16 '12 at 13:27
Your matrices are formatted properly now. However, it seems you're using the wrong method as well. See my edit. –  dennisg Apr 16 '12 at 14:01
Thanks for the help, this now works. If I use null for src3 though I get a NullPointerException, so at the moment I'm just using the identity matrix here until I work out why null isn't allowed. Cheers again. EDIT: new Mat() works fine as src3 so I'll go with that. –  woodstock365 Apr 16 '12 at 18:33
For src3 you could use Mat.zeros(rows, cols CvType): Core.gemm(mat1, mat2.t(), 1, Mat.zeros(rows, rows, MATRIX_TYPE) , 0, mat3, 0); –  auraham Aug 3 '13 at 12:00

Reverse your 2 multiplied matrices : Core.multiply(mat2, mat1, mat3);

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I've tried this and it gives me the same error somehow, although you're correct that I had them the wrong way round. Thanks. –  woodstock365 Apr 16 '12 at 11:34

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