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I'm having some strange experience with Cocos2D. I can't seem to draw/plot a point at x=0 or y = 0. I have to move it inside the screen by one coordinate to be visible. It's like it's cut off or something, I don't really understand. I want to do some pixel plotting so it's rather important, I'm thinking I might need to use coregraphics instead...

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post your code, please. I had no problems with drawing anything with cocos2d. place your drawing code to the draw method of the node. –  Morion Apr 16 '12 at 7:23

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Cocos2D renders 1 pixel at point 0,0 just fine. There's probably one or two things causing this issue for you:

  1. You might be looking at a Retina display. Cocos2D scales content by 2x by default for Retina displays, so "one pixel" is actually 4 tiny retina pixels. Telling cocos2d to draw a single pixel at 0,0 on a Retina actually draws pixels at 0,0, -1,0, -1,-1 and 0,-1. (The last three are going to be offscreen.)
  2. You may have shifted or scaled your parent CCNode(s) in such a way that 0,0 is actually considered offscreen.

I'm guessing its #1. A single pixel in retina is difficult to see so you probably want to stick with the 2x scaling. Just offset your parent CCNode by one point for Retina displays which would allow you to start plotting at 0,0 in that local coordinate system without having to worry about any offsets while you plot.

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If @HachiEthan is correct about the assumption that #1 is giving you an issue, make it easier on yourself, and position sprites at points instead of pixels. –  Matisse VerDuyn Apr 17 '12 at 18:54

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