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Can someone give the steps to updating my database using psql command line terminal program?

I have created a PostgreSQL database in pgAdmin and I have backed it as PLAIN file (plain-text script). I can't restore that file in pgAdmin. In this this website, it says you can execute a plain-text script file using the "psql command line terminal program", to recreate the database and load data.

So I'm just wondering if someone can give steps to doing this so I can update my current database (outside of pgAdmin).

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Run in a shell of your database server as user postgres (or any other user with the necessary privileges):

  \c mydb
  \i /path/to/backup.sql

Thereby you create a database, connect to it and run the plain text SQL script from the file to restore the contents.

Details about psql in the manual.

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Thanks Erwin! :) –  Mr Teeth Apr 16 '12 at 14:07

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