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i am building a plugin for tinymce editor which adds some microdata to selected text, and i want to make sure the final markup will be valid. as specified by the draft microdata spec, a new item is indicated by adding the attribute itemscope to an element, for example:

<section itemscope itemtype="" itemid="someid" >
<meta itemprop="topic" content="something very interesting" />
  other microdata stuff

i have extended the configuration parameters of tinymce to recognize these microdata attributes:

    schema: "html5",

and things are generally working. however, when i use the plugin, tiny mce is still "correcting" my markup by adding an empty value to the itemscope attribute, like so: itemscope="". but the itemscope attribute is a boolean element, which AFAIU means that it should have no value.

so the question is, a) is it still valid markup if the itemscope attribute has a value? and b) if not, (how) can i configure tinymce to leave itemscope as a proper boolean attribute, and not append the ="" bit?


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The value of a boolean attribute must either be the empty string, or the name of the attribute itself. So, <div itemscope>, <div itemscope="">, and <div itemscope="itemscope"> are all equivalent.

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thank you! that's exactly the spec i was looking for. – jessykate Apr 16 '12 at 22:49

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