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My app has on main activity and it displays only one another activity as singleton. So my app has one main activity and another activity running on the main activity. When I get an call, the activated screen changes to call screen of Android. But when I return to my app, I can see only main activity. The activated activity does not come back. In this case, do I have to save the activated activity in my app and start it again after receiving call? If then, please let me know what the good way to solve this is.

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My case was not normal stuff. I investigate my menifest.xml again and found that a option for starting activities was wierd. android:nohistory = "true", so I got rid of it. Now it works. Thank you. – sunghun Apr 16 '12 at 3:26
In order to show appreciation to the community that has been answering your questions, please go to your previous questions and, if sufficiently answered, mark as answered and/or upvote answers to your questions. – Jason Robinson Apr 16 '12 at 3:27

Simply override onSaveInstanceState to save the state and onRestoreInstanceState to restore to the saved state.

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