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I have a HTML5 mobile web app that needs to provide links so that the user can make phone calls. Adding the link to make the phone call is easy:

<a href="tel:+15556345789">Call me</a>

However, managing the post call behaviour is not.

If I view the app inside Mobile Safari, and click on the link, I get taken to the Phone app to make the call. When the call ends, the iPhone returns to Mobile Safari, on the same page I was on previously (i.e., the page that initiated the call).

However, if I bookmark the same page to the desktop (so the user experience is closer to an "app"), and click on the same link, I am directed to the phone desktop at the completion of the call. This means I need to reload the mobile "app", and navigate back to where I was when I made the call.

Why is the behaviour different between the two? Is there any way to get the bookmarked app to return to the same context that initiated the call?

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Just a complete guess, but what if the link is to a page that redirects to the "tel:" URL?

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Have you tried target = _blank? Just a blind guess. :-)

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Yes, I've tried that; no, it doesn't work. –  freakboy3742 Apr 16 '12 at 8:02

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