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Is there a way to force Zxing library to scan text only? I am looking for the offline (non-cloud) solution to scan text in windows phone.


The integrated Bing vision successfully scans text from the image. Is there a way to call the same task in our application (something like Microsoft.Phone.Tasks)?

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As far as i know, there's no native .NET OCR engines. In theory, you could use any OCR SDK that worked for Win CE (as long as WP7 is based on it), but in practice - i haven't seen any working solution yet and all OCR applications for WP7 that i've seen were based on cloud services. I can point you to some ready to go cloud solutions if you'd change your mind about web API.

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Thanks Nikolay. You are right. I tried to convert NeuronDotNet but among other issues, it looks like ISerializable interface is not supported in silverlight for wp. –  vulcan raven Apr 16 '12 at 12:12

If you're looking for OCR solutions, you could use this so post.

Regarding bing vision - there's no support for third-party developers yet. Though there's a project called Hawaii (yes, it's cloud-based) that's probably going to be the gateway for bing vision ocr.

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The Project Hawaii program was discontinued on October 8, 2013. –  Hrk Apr 17 '14 at 15:39

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