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I am using VS2008 and I am building an Web Application with crystal report. As we know along with VS2008 we are provided crystal report basic version that is with Crystal Report Runtime version . When i try to deploy my website on server it gives me an error "Crystal Report not supported". And i got a reply from support that their server support Crystal Report Version which is CR VS2008 SP3. And when i downloaded the version from SAP website, I am not able to upgrade my CR Version please let me know how to upgrade.

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You can change the assembly versions in your web.config file to version or you can rollback to old version in the server itself. –  Deb Apr 16 '12 at 5:48

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To upgrade your machine you simply install the newer version of Crystal Reports on it.

To upgrade your project you'll need to remove the reference to the older bundled, free copy of Crystal Reports and add the newer 12.x references you should now see. (You'll see them only if you've successfully installed the newer Crystal Reports on this computer.)

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