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I am using symfony1.4 and doctrine. I need to check a condition where the value is NULL. I nedd to write a query where status = 1 and start=NULL and end= NULL and estimated_time != NULL .I have tried with this but i am not able to get the result.

            $tickets = Doctrine_Core::getTable('table')
              ->andWhere('start=?', '')
                              ->andWhere('end=?', '')
              ->orderBy('id DESC');

any help will be greatly appreciated.Thank You..

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Try using IS NOT NULL:

$tickets = Doctrine_Core::getTable('table')
    ->andWhere('start IS NOT NULL')
    ->andWhere('end IS NOT NULL')
    ->andWhere('estimated_time IS NOT NULL')
    ->orderBy('id DESC');
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thanks a lot.. It works now – Limi Jerin Apr 16 '12 at 6:04

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