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Flex: - Is it possible to export Chart/Graph/component with dataGrid data into xls file without using server side?

(Web Application)

I have gone through number of article but could not find any hind to do. As per few article it is possible to export data of dataGrid into xls by using as3xls-1.0.swc but not Chart.

I am looking to export data from dataGrid as well as Chart.

Can anyone suggest me how can I achieve?

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Hi, as I understand you have 2 problems. 1 you want to create and save a file to disk without needing server-side script. and 2. you need some "library" who will convert your "cart" into an excel chart. For 1. you can do it with File.save() in flash player 10+. About 2. I think you can achive that by having a good luck at the the existing as3 frameworks for xls. Also it is possible to grab a screenshot and inject into xls. –  Adrian Pirvulescu Apr 16 '12 at 9:33
Hi, i will describe my problem in more detail. This is only one problem. I have DataGrid and chart on my application (Web Application). I want to export both in the same xls file (export in one xls file) through Flex without interaction with Server side. I can achieve DataGrid data in xls file by using as3xls-1.0.swc but as3xls-1.0.swc doesn't support exporting chart. is there any other swc or workaround to achieve..... what i am looking for? –  Mahesh Parate Apr 16 '12 at 10:04
unfortunately there is no quick solution for this. At least not without using server side. you could achieve to add charts to excel by pushing screenshots of the graphs to coldfusion. :( May look like you have to do this by yourself. –  Adrian Pirvulescu Apr 16 '12 at 11:43

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