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After logging into my account in linux - I am able to use all the alias I have created in my .bash_profile file.

But after I am executing a simple script (setter.sh) with the command: cleartool setview view_name

All the alias are getting lost - this could be possibly because cleartool spawns a new shell Query is:

  1. How to determine how many shells are spawned currently - can I know at which nesting level am I currently in - if a script works in such a way that is spawns new shell?.

  2. How to retain the alias values after launching new shell - Like in the above case?

  3. If I try to ensure that .bash_profile get's re-executed as part of the script by adding source .bash_profile - even then - the alias setting is not taking place?.

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You should have googled on .bash_profile and you would have found that .bash_profile is for login shells, .bashrc is for interactive shells, and that shell scripts don't use them.

Within shell scripts, better use functions (which you'll have to define) than aliases.

The shell level of subshells is available thru the SHLVL variable.

Take time to read the Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide.

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+1 also, you can export functions so that they'll appear in subshells: export -f function_name –  glenn jackman Apr 16 '12 at 15:36

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