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I have a web form. There are many different sections. I can say that each section displays data of a datatable. At each section I have OK and Cancel buttons. When I press OK any changes to the table in the database takes place. I've also put some Requiredfieldvalidators. Let's say I'm inserting a new record in the section one and the fields are correctly typed. When I press OK I get error message raised by the rest of the validators that are on the other sections. Isn't there any way that when I press OK button of a particular section to get validation errors of that same area? So what I probably need is a button that will not serve as the hole page submitter but rather a submitter of a specific section.

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Place a ValidationGroup on the RequiredFieldValidator's. Then place the same ValidationGroup on the correct submit button. When its clicked, only validation controls that are a part of the group are validated.


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I think meep is correct ValidationGroup can help you solve the issue.Have a look at this article

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Thanks a lot. The article is great. –  Mike JM Apr 16 '12 at 6:25
@MikeJM happy to help :) –  freebird Apr 16 '12 at 6:26

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